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I am a creative artist with a love of colour and expressive mark-making. My work explores my feelings about the landscape and environment around me, inspired by light, colour and memories of what I have seen. I like my work to feel joyful and uplifting, pulling the viewer into playful and imaginary places.

This is my online gallery of acrylic and mixed media paintings.

Please use menu links to view all works and prices.

To purchase please contact me directly via email, phone, text or Instagram

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Autumn Heart Triptych.jpg

In my work I want to express my feelings about places I have seen, imagined or experienced.  I am directly inspired by the beautiful landscape of my home in the English Lake District - the hills from my attic studio in the constantly changing light, or the marks and textures on the land and rocks.  Some of my paintings are about yearnings - places I dream of - heat, sun and contrasts of light and shade, or turquoise seas in a perfect lagoon, or tropical flowers and lush greenery.

I use paint and marks to describe my emotional response to the things I see and feel. Abstract pieces often represent my feelings about places I feel safe, or a place I yearn to escape to.

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Turmerica in situ.jpeg
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